Night Vision Slingshot with Laser, Powerful Velocity Dart for Fish Hunting


This Night Vision Slingshot Makes your fish hunt experience much more fun, lively, and accurate. Needless to say, this slingshot guarantees you won’t return home empty handed. The premium design with comfortable arm rest ensures you are able to aim properly eradicating any chance of missing the target. The handle feels very much like a gun which pumps you even more and makes it more fun. The rubber bands are tight and strong enough not to break and to propel the spear with high speed. Spears provided are high quality and sharp enough to rend through the fish. There is a guided laser light provided with the slingshot to help you aim correctly. 

  • Includes 10S Fishing wheel.
  • Laser light included which can be switched to flash light as well.
  • High quality rubber bands.
  • Fishing Bolt rubber band also included.
  • 3xFishing bolts.
  • Premium design.
  • Sharp and sturdy arrows.
  • Strong Body
  • Materials includes Stainless steel, Strong Plastic, Leather and 2 types Rubber Bands
  • Multi-function fish shooting tool

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